Advanced design processes for the reconstruction of the Port of Mayagüez

Javier Bayón, executive director of the Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO), reported today that the design processes for the reconstruction of the Port of Mayagüez are ninety percent complete and they're working with the Central Office of Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience (COR3) and FEMA to obtain funding allocation. He also stated that PRIDCO has been in talks with the Municipality of Mayagüez to keep them informed about the project's progress.

PRIDCO estimates that the project will have an approximate construction cost of more than $200 million. “At the moment, we have $4 million obligated for the Engineering and Design stage. This is a highly technical and specialized project. The studies that are being carried out to complete the design are complex and range from noise studies to oceanographic studies, such as, bathymetry (study of the sea depth) and a study of the seabed, among others”, explained Bayón.

Bayón indicated that the project will include the repair of the breakwater, as well as the dismantling and reconstruction of the dock and the buildings in the area. The project also requires dredging to be done to optimize the use of the dock.

Once the entire Engineering and Design phase is completed and the claim is approved by FEMA, the General Services Administration (ASG) will be requested to prepare the RFI/RFQ to identify the appropriate company to carry out this project.

For his part, the executive director of COR3, Ing. Manuel A. Laboy Rivera, stated: “PRIDCO is leading multiple important reconstruction projects, such as, for example, this permanent work at the port of Mayagüez, which will modernize and give resilience to this infrastructure. . This development strengthens the investment climate, as it is an attractive asset that will allow the continuity, expansion or establishment of companies in the western zone. At COR3, we will continue to work closely with PRIDCO to offer the necessary technical assistance to make the execution of their projects viable”.

At the same time, the engineer Jorge L. Ramos, acting mayor of Mayagüez, also expressed: “We thank Governor Pedro R. Pierluisi and the executive director, Lcdo. Javier Bayón, for his openness with this Municipal Administration to discuss what will be the first phase of the full development of the Mayagüez port area. It will begin with repairing the area of the docks that was severely affected by Hurricane Maria and eventually we will be discussing the next phases that will serve as a spearhead and tourist and commercial exchange with other port areas of Puerto Rico and other countries in the world'' .

“It is of the utmost importance that the port area be rebuilt to become a first-class one, since it will help boost the economic development of the region. Together with the Municipality of Mayagüez, we are thoroughly studying the needs and opportunities that exist in the area to determine which industries are going to be installed in the port area. This week we participated in another meeting with the Municipality to discuss in depth the preliminary designs and future plans for the port. This is a priority project for both Governor Pedro R. Pierluisi and PRIDCO, so our commitment is to maximize the potential that this new port area may have to create new sources of income and jobs for the southwestern region,” Bayón concluded.

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